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So many fabrics…

So little time. I haven’t taken out Bessie in awhile and need some ideas and inspiration on what to make. What have you made lately?


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That’s right, I said it. A bathroom towel ring can be used in a kitchen. I got the idea while watching 5 Ingredient Fix on the Food Network and in the background above the kitchen sink was a towel ring being used to hold a dish towel. Ingenious! An inexpensive and stylish way of getting your dish towels off the counters, sinks, and ovens.

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DIY Valentine

This is the first year I get to send Valentine’s to class with our daughter. I was tempted to send just a card but after looking at the piles of leftovers from her birthday and Christmas I decided to make a little goodie box for each child. The kraft boxes were already on hand from the red velvet truffles I made. And the candy inside is leftover from her birthday party and the black paper was on hand from a wedding invitation I did awhile ago as was the card stock, of course. 🙂 So all I purchased were the ribbon and stickers. An inexpensive Valentine that I’m sure will make each child feel loved.

Are you doing anything for Valentine’s Day? Making anything special? Going anywhere? Wayne is surprising me with dinner as I don’t know the whereabouts. I’m excited wherever we are going!

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Mood Board

I never thought how challenging yet fun a homework assignment could be. This week we had to create a mood board for our BYW class that is supposed to symbolize our blogs, the look feel, content, etc… For me, I felt a little scatterbrained doing this activity as I feel as though I’m all over the place on this blog but once I began collecting images it all started to come together. Food, sewing, and home organization seem to be at the top of my list and what I was immediately drawn to. I think I’ll be doing this exercise more often.

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Sewing Project :: Pillow + Bag

Akiko Mano has 25 simple sewing projects outlined beautifully in her book, Linen Wool Cotton. I purchased this book way before receiving my sewing machine so occasionally I just drooled over the beautiful pictures. The first project out of her book I tackled was the pillow. And coming from a novice this was very simple! I will definitely will be making it again. A slight alteration to the design was needed since buttons aren’t in my sewing vocabulary just yet.

Since the little one went down early last night due to no nap during the day I had time and energy to take on another new project. Amy Butler too has some gorgeous photographs in her book, InStitches, that I swooned over endlessly. Her design for a giftable recipe card bag was ingenious! As soon as I perfect it and find the fun fabric I might build up the confidence to give as a gift along with some of my personalized recipe cards.

Now I need to figure out what to make next…

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