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Bacon Rules

If anyone knows my daughter at all, knows how absolutely perfect this onesie is. Yes, we are the parents during a photo shoot that bribes her child with bacon to sit still for a shot. Yes, we are the parents that bribes our child with bacon to get up in the morning. Our daughter loves bacon and this is perfect for her.

Bacon Rules Onesie made by Bambina Mia – $20

Found via Cool Mom Picks


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Dilly Baby

I stumbled onto Dilly Baby the other day after checking out Mama Bargains and thought this was a great idea! Have you ever gone somewhere where you didn’t need to bring your entire diaper bag? Dilly Baby offers wristlet changing case sets that is roomy enough to house all your essentials like travel wipes, 2 diapers, and a changing pad yet small enough to carry on your wrist. And to boot, they also offer stylish goods for your wee ones like a girls first messenger bag and a crayon case. Now how handy is that?

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I absolutely love shopping on Etsy. You cannot find the heart and soul that goes into making every item at your big department stores that you find here. And Sabine, owner and designer of La Marquise des Anges, is a perfect example. I recently received my beautiful grey and ivory ruffle top. The packaging was gorgeous, the handwritten note was sublime, and the smell of fresh lavender instantly made me dream of walks on the cobblestone streets of France during spring time. Sabine even went so far as to include those gorgeous handmade earrings you see in the pictures. But even before receiving my top I knew it was going to be something special because of her note she wrote to me:

“…I now have to handwash it , then it will line dry, rocking by the sweet breeze of the pyreneas mountains…”

I mean who wouldn’t want to receive something that was swinging in the breeze?

Merci beaucoup sweet Sabine!

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I stumbled across this Italian shop via Etsy’s shopping guide, Etsy Finds. They featured their reusable wall paper lunch bags which immediately drew me in. The basis behind their shop is to take old vintage goods, in this case wallpaper, and create something new, modern, and fashionable. Aren’t those lamp shades gorgeous? Check out more from When In Doubt Draw Flowers here.

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That’s right, I said it. A bathroom towel ring can be used in a kitchen. I got the idea while watching 5 Ingredient Fix on the Food Network and in the background above the kitchen sink was a towel ring being used to hold a dish towel. Ingenious! An inexpensive and stylish way of getting your dish towels off the counters, sinks, and ovens.

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Holley & Gill

Ever felt love at first sight? I did when I received a message from Michelle on twitter. Michelle, along with her husband Conrad, recently opened a shop in Montreal dedicated to handmade headboards. I would describe their style as modern, sophisticated, and refreshing. And what sets them apart from other shops I know is they not only share their processes but their mission is to educate the consumer and teach them how much love and hard work goes into every piece. So let’s meet the sweet couple behind Holley & Gill, shall we, eh?

Tell us about yourselves.
I’ve been a graphic designer and illustrator by trade for over 10 years but needed a wider outlet for my creativity. My husband who works in business development and marketing supported and helped me with realizing this new venture. We opened up our Etsy store in December but have been building Holley & Gill up for the last year. When I say “we”, I do mean myself, Michelle, and my husband Conrad. We live in Montreal, Quebec but Conrad is originally from Hampshire, England. With two young children, we strive to always push ourselves outside of our comfort-zones. Holley & Gill is an ongoing project that allows us to follow our dreams, become better parents and hopefully use this as an example to our children that they should never let anything hold them back.

What do you specialize in?
We specialize in designing original products for the home that are environmentally conscious and have a story to tell. Each and every piece we have made and will make in the future will have some unique quality in the craftsmanship and design. We also collaborate with artists who compliment our design and production process resulting in a vision that we can be proud to put H&G’s stamp on.

How did you come up with the name Holley & Gill?
Holley is my grandmother’s maiden name and Gill is Conrad’s mothers maiden name, so naturally it provides a great basis for a family partnership.

Why do you share your process?
We want to make products that evoke curiosity. Our customers want to know when it was made, who made it and how it was made. Sometimes we will make a new product and just let it sit in our studio for weeks before we decide on whether to go ahead and put it out there under our banner. Other times, we just get pleasure out of making something even if we never sell it. We share our process to emphasize that all of our pieces are designed and made in Montreal, Qc. It also gives us complete control over every stage from conception through to creation. For us, it’s about a quest to offer the finest in quality, design and style combined with product provenance; “The purpose or history behind the design of the product.”

What are your hobbies?
Having two young children certainly keeps us busy! However, we always surround ourselves with hobbies that revolve around our passion for living with design. Whether it’s surfing the web on our favorite blogs or simply seeing the beauty in nature on our family walks, our hobbies always lead us to people or places that inevitably inspire.

Thank you Michelle & Conrad!
website | etsy | twitter | flickr

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Tea anyone?

Boy I never realized we’ve accumulated so many teas, and all from Starbucks too. Brand recognition 101 right here, huh? One night after reading through my diy magazine I stumbled upon ways to calm your kitchen and I must say I do enjoy walking in everyday and seeing my teas laid out nicely for me. Tip #11 says “Arrange all your needs for morning coffee or tea on an attractive tray. It makes a pretty presentation and makes getting your cup of joe fuss-free.” It definitely makes a huge difference than the sterile knives, paper towels, and random papers and bills thrown everywhere.

Next I’ll show you how we brought a little bit of the bathroom into the kitchen. Don’t worry, it was completely sanitary.

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